My Technical Skills


My Expertise


I collaborate with professors, managers, and co-workers to nurture and transform ideas into well thought out design specifications. I research everything related to features that I am plainning to do. After all, that’s where the majority of an amazing application start.


I create and design interfaces focusing on content structure and simple interactions. I ensure that the UI communicates with UX designer's path. I can handled complicated process flow and desgin simple UX for the web or mobile app. I explore different approaches to solving a user problem.


I love awsome and responsive application, so I like to work with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. My goal is to code a fully functioning app that's scalable and integrated to all the back-end software, the database, and other related infrastructure it needs to run. Thus, I make decisions about how my app's functions come to life with code.


When I am free, I drink coffe and start creating some cool stuff.

This project focuses on navigating a drone that cleans up graffiti for tall building where people can not reach to it. The project is built on iOS plaftorm by using Swift and Objective C. This is my final school project that I worked on with my Software Engineering team. We delivered this project at the end of year 2017.

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TravelBox is iOS app connecting travelers with locals who crafted tailored itineraries. This app will be a platform for tourists and locals to connect for a better outing experience. Tourists can request a planned outing, submit information about duration, preferences regarding accommodation, activities, dining, price range etc.

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OnlineWhiteboard is an website applicaton that lets users draw/show their ideas to the others in real time. It uses canvas 5, new feature in HTML5, to create a great platform for drawing. OnlineWhiteboard also promises users with great features such as joining and sharing private rooms in order to help users have their own privacy.

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