Drone It Out Project

Senior Project for BS Degree in Software Engineering

(Feburary 2017 - December 2017)

Drone It Out is my senior project that my team and I have created during the accomplishment of getting Bachelor degree in Software Engineering at San Jose State University. As a part of my team, I was responsible for voice command feature. The project was built on iOS platform that allows user to control DJI Phantom drone by voice commands. I plan to make most of basic commands for the drone by using Nuance's SpeechKit and DJI's Mobile-iOS SDK. With voice control, users don't need carry the big DJI remote control or they can free up their hands during the flight using a headphone. The app was called DroneItOut and developed in Xcode, using both Objective-C and Swift. By using DJI's Mobile-iOS SDK, I could implement most of functions of DJI Phantom, such as take off, land, go home, going to some directions using coordinates, waypoints mission, and follow me. Below are some pictures and videos that was capture great moments of the project and the team.


Testing drone at home with PC simulator
My team and I at the park
I presented at Project Expo
My team presented at Project Expo
Team with advisors
All teams at Project Expo

Videos of The Project

Below are some videos I have made during the semester. It showed the process of every feature that I have made.